The Women’s Book Club

A show of lush renderings of the female form and complex origami forms fashioned from books will fill the Willits Center for the Arts for the Month of November.

The Women’s Book Club is the creation of Dianna Hinkle and Laura Wiecek. The show is to be mixed with the two artists displaying their talent, (Hinkle’s distinct forms of women and Wiecek with her mysterious origami books.)

Laura Wiecek’s, Book Club contains books such as Webster’s Dictionary,
The Da Vinci Code, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe, all displayed in complex, mathematically based folds. Wiecek is a master weaver, mathematician, draughtswoman, painter, etc. “Any reason to create art is reason enough for me,” she told us.

Diana Hinkle creates paintings of women at leisure posing for the viewer with lush colors reminiscent of California beaches and skies. The colors follow the California mindset of vivid skies. Oranges that lead to rich pinks, soft blues, and alluring flesh tones fill these large canvases with stylish nudes.

The Willits Center for the Arts is located at 71Commercial St. The show will open on Saturday, November 5th, from 6-7pm for Members’ Hour and open to the public at 7pm. The Willits Center for the arts is open Wednesday through Sunday 11:00 to 6pm. For more information call the gallery at 707-459-1726.

Watch a short video of Diana Hinkle and her and Laura Wieceks art at the gallery.

Willits Center For The Arts Winter Gallery hours are: Wednesday - Sunday 11-5pm