Morgan Rex

P. O. Box 882
Willits, CA. 95490

Sculptor, web designer, graphics illustrator and more. I was raised in an environment that provided freedom of thought and creativity. Both of my parents were creative in their own respected areas, mother mostly literature (poems & prose) my father sculpting and painting.

I began my venture in art in my early 20’s, or perhaps really in high school, drawing mazes on all sorts of material including blocks of wood. Eventually I began to create mazes in 3 dimensional forms (puzzels).

In the early 80’s I started working with Stainless Steel creating & manufacturing wind chimes. It was a business, and as such much of the design work was completely formed by the question of production / profit. A process in which I was somewhat unaware of happening till I one day met a sculptor who had never sold any of her art. The concept of creating for the act of creativity had become only a murmur in the back of my mind. Over the next few years I began to reemerge from the commercial gears that had consumed my work.

In 2015 ‘water’ finally became a feature in my work in the form of copper water fountains. Keep an eye out now for some exciting new designs, as I explore a brand new material and a new sound.

Willits Center For The Arts Winter Gallery hours are: Wednesday - Sunday 11-5pm