Julie Ravin Byers

Love working in ceramics the way it allows you to do anything if you let the clay dry while you are making something. The clay is so plastic to work with it allows you to be created. I like to abstract the abstract inference by Jackson Pollock, Peter Voulkos, Georgia O Keefe, Pablo Picasso and Jun Kaneko. Love going to look at art in museum and outside likes your sculpture trail. I am infrequence by living in Mendocino by the trees, ocean and wild animals dear, rabbit and birds. We have bard swallow that have a nest under a door entrees ever summer sometimes two times during the summer. When I put my sculptures outside it fun to see color in the garden in the winter when it is so gray outside it cheers you up. When I’ve gone to the hospital love looking at the art they have a good collection to cheer up people in or visiting. In ceramics there are so many types of firing to do to get different effects on the clay. Love them all always go back to the bright colors cone 5-6 each piece need its own type of firing! Wood fire is fun the labor of love and the surprise how it comes out!

Julie Ravins Byers

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