Jan and Gary Stephens

PO Box 304
Willits, CA 95490
707 459-1207

Jan and Gary Stephens have over 80 years of combined experience as visual artists. Jan has a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in arts education and Gary a BA in psychology with a minor in Fine Arts. They live and work on their solar and hydro powered homestead in the coastal range of Mendocino County where they built and designed their solar passive home and studio. Working together as a collaborative team, they have created a line of unique, hand-dyed and hand-printed organic cotton clothing with a theme of naturalistic flora and fauna.

♥ Unique line of clothing: Each Organic Attire garment is a “canvas” for Jan and Gary’s designs, which are inspired by their love for nature. They start with organic cotton fabric, design their clothing with a pattern maker and then work with a local company that helps them cut and sew their garments. They dye and block-print their garments in small batches using techniques that ensure each item is one of a kind.

♥ Jan and Gary use organically grown cotton knit because it is easy to care for and does not need to be ironed. The cotton is organically grown and milled in the USA and is an affordable and durable material that looks great.

♥ Their special dying technique produces a beautiful, softly textured background for Organic Attire designs. Jan and Gary use random dye and low immersion dye methods, immersing their clothing in a low impact, fiber reactive dye-bath, which they fix with soda ash so the color is permanent.

♥ Jan and Gary block-print on the front and back of each garment with wonderfully vibrant non-toxic, water-based acrylic inks that produce a print that is soft to the touch and long-lasting. Afterwards they wash and dry the dyed clothing so that every piece is preshrunk.

♥ Organic Attire’s commitment to a clean environment and social justice: All Organic Attire garments are made from eco-friendly organically grown cotton that is free from the pesticides and known carcinogens that are sprayed on conventionally grown cotton. They use low-impact dyes and eco-friendly inks. Their clothing is cut and sewn locally under socially responsible working conditions. The artists live a sustainable lifestyle on their hydro and solar powered homestead.

Willits Center For The Arts Winter Gallery hours are: Wednesday - Sunday 11-5pm