Douglas Volz

P.O.Box 131
Redwood Valley, Ca.

I am a lifetime visionary oil painter, and I am interested in portraying spiritual concepts that seem of import – survival of indigenous peoples, Life after Death, our personal relationship with the Divine.

It seems to me that we need such inspiration more than ever, at this time, when so much of our lives is increasingly ruled by fear. My work is always about the power of Light over Darkness. I have been influenced greatly by Paramahansa Yogananda and other spiritual Teachers, and I believe that a true personal Faith will see us through, when all else fails.

As an artist, who was raised in Europe, I was blessed with seeing the incredible works at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, and the Prado, in Madrid, among others. I saw firsthand the power of Art, to transport the viewer – paintings that have culturally influenced us in our personal lives. I hope to also offer such inspiration through my work. Thank you.

Willits Center For The Arts Winter Gallery hours are: Wednesday - Sunday 11-5pm